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Herbal Alchemy

Brilliance Highlighter w/Tallow

Brilliance Highlighter w/Tallow

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Handcrafted with tallow, farm-fresh beeswax, and all of earth’s goodness for glowing cheeks, luscious lips, and skin you can fall in love with. Every. Single. Day. The REBEL way! New Tallow Color Balms are perfect for a fresh look, healthy glow, and “wow, your skin looks amazing” comments from all your friends!

Enjoy a pop of sheer color and LOADS of skin-happy vitamins…. Tallow Color Balms can be used as a lip tint, blush, or highlighter…yay! You’re welcome.

Most tallow is heavily processed and hydrogenated, while ours is grass-fed, non-hydrogenated, and SO rich you won’t be able to do skin without it!

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- The world's first 100% clean crafted vitamin makeup with tallow.

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